Behind the Smile

“Put a smile on your face,” she gently whispers to herself.

No one will know how you really see yourself...

This is the story of survival to revival, a mum’s view behind the smile. The mum who never thought she was enough and had decided her family would be better of with out her. How in her depths of despair she was given the chance to choose.

This is MY STORY. How seeing the gifts in experiencing Post Natal Depression taught me Self Love, Self Kindness and knowing that being vulnerable is a strength. My story is one of hope as I took the journey to recreate my life using what I now teach: Fundamental Life Skills and Coping Strategies to Recreate Your Life. 

The journey wasn't always easy.There were days where my negative self nearly consumed me, my body was screaming at me to listen.  There were days where it felt that I could no longer continue in this way.   I did though.   I continued on, each day taking one step at a time and I learnt that NO Matter what, I Am Enough. I am a better mum, wife, friend and I aim to be a better ME each day.

What Action Did I Take? 

  • Got really honest with myself
  • Acknowledge that I AM responsible for my life and stop blaming other people and events
  • Be aware of my thoughts, feelings/emotions and behaviour 
  • Know that there will be goods days, not so good days and keep going anyway
  • Daily movement towards recreating my life how I wish to live it 
  • Realising that I ALWAYS had a choice
  • Stop speaking negatively to myself and LOVE all of me
  • Enjoy the gift of simplicity, it has been the key to recreating my life...

If you have ever felt like you are not enough, judged yourself, doubted yourself, let fear overwhelm you, felt like you have no choice and lacked the tools to take those tiny steps forward then this is for you.

In this presentation I share with you:

  • How the stories we tell ourselves do not define us and how you can rewrite your own story.
  • How our deepest gifts come from being in our darkest moments if we are willing to only look. 
  • How she works with asking questions, energy and self-awareness to transform anything in your life.
  • Practical tools and strategies that transform your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. 

How do I know all this? I have lived it. I have experienced it. I have changed every area of my life by using what I will share with you in this real, raw and honest presentation.

Every time I have presented this I am reminded of the strength, kindness and beauty each of us has. Look within, you are there.

Who Am I? - became my MANTRA.

Be Brave. Be Courageous. Rise Up and Love Life again.

Jacqueline is all about being real, raw and honest. Giving you tools, strategies and a different perspective that you can use in your daily life. Jacqueline aims to inspire and empower you to know yourself, be responsible for your life choices and to know that YOU are enough. 


Jacqueline can also design and develop programs/topics that are specific to you. 

Other Topic Ideas: Connecting to YOU (Self Love, Self Awareness, Self Nurture)


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